Coarse Jaw Samurai Pain

Early in the Keichō era on the small Pacific island of Kōzushima of the southwest coast of Japan lived a young man named Yokurou. Yokurou had a great passion for the ocean and it was said his love was so strong he was able to speak with the sea gods. Yokurou would play in the ocean and ride the coarse waves until one day in his 17th year he fell in love with a young girl named Koneneme.  For 3 years the loved in peace. Yokurou was then called to the mainland to serve under the rule of the great emperor Go-Yōzei. Much was his loyalty to the realm so with heavy heart Yokurou left his wife and baby daughter to fulfill his duties.  After 20 years of service and having become a great samurai warrior, it is said Yokurou summoned the sea god Wani 鰐 to spirit him across the ocean back to his loving wife and daughter.

Yokurou\’s armor and helmet are fashioned after the sea god Wani 鰐, the powerful sea dragon.

This is a one of a kind custom done for commission.

WIP pics

OK, here as promised are some wip pics of the entire process I\’ll go through to customize this coarse jaw.
No pussy-footing around, time to chop off the foot!
As you can see there\’s a plastic peg within the leg and it\’s filled with a soft powdery resin.  I removed the resin but leave the sole slightly on.
Here I\’m carving away the shorts to accommodate the new design.  Here you can see lots of the old resin.  I\’ll leave most of it there and just cover up with the new harder Magic Sculpt resin. 
Now that I\’ve carved away everything I need for the moment it\’s time to fix the fit.  I fill in the empty sneaks with my magic sculpt and use the sneaks as molds.  Essentially I\’m creating feet with the negative space.
With the shoe filled with Magic sculpt I place it back on the peg and wait for the resin to harden.
Once enough time has passed I cut away the sneaker top exposing the new resin.  I leave the sneaker sole.  This will eventually become the sandal of the character.
Here the new foot has been revealed.  In this stage it is just blocked out but it\’s now a more appropriate size in relation to the sneaker.  It\’s the size the coarse noop\’s foot would be if he took off his sneaker.
Here I\’ve removed more vinyl and sculpted the new pants on one side.
Filling the other sneak with resin
Both sneakers blocked out and new pants sculpted.
And here I\’ve sculpted the socks, sandals and begun the shin guard on one side.
That\’s it for now.
More to come.

Chimalli WIP pics

Usually I kinda relish diving right in and hacking and slashing the toys I\’m asked to customize.  But I started this piece just days after I had heard about the slight controversy regarding Jason Freeny\’s Coarse Jaw.  If you had not heard about it I\’ll sum up briefly.  The client who commissioned the work was not happy when he received the piece and discovered scuff makes around the non-customized sections of the toy.  With that on my mind I didn\’t dive in with as much gusto as I usually do.  Fortunately for me though, my style is one that completely remakes the toy and its surface so everything the client see is intentional.  Well, most everything, there are happy accidents.

Anyways, take a look at some of the slashing I had to do and ask yourself if as a client you would be comfortable seeing me hack your very expensive coarse toy like so.

I am currently working on another Coarse Jaw and will be posting WIP pics all throughout the process.  I\’ll be posting those pics soon.

 I had to cut away a lot of the shorts to make the new loin cloth. 
As you can see, beneath the vinyl is a soft powdery resin.
 Carving more cloth
I wanted to create feet wearing sandals so I had to cut away the sneaker.  I found more soft resin and eventually decided to remove the entire foot. Removing sneaker I find the plastic pegs. Here I am already done one leg and have moved on to the second.
 I ended up using the hollow sneaker as a mold, filling it with new resin and leaving the sole of the sneaker as the sandal.
 Here I have my roughed in leg, and stable and ready to texture. 
In order to add extra resin to the head and still have the shark head fit, I had to shave a layer of vinyl off the head.  Vinyl chips everywhere!

Chimalli Noop – Custom Coarse Jaw

Early in the 15th century located in a hidden port of the southern Mexican coast there lived a legendary noop named Chimalli.  Chimalli refused to live by the traditions of the edlers and left the life of farming to pursue a life of adventure.  He wandered many years shirking responsibility to play all day. For many years he was away from his family until one day he returned with the ability walk on the waves.  Chimalli became much admired for his skill by the young  but he feared and angered the elders. The young ones would follow him around begging for the knowledge he possessed.  He refused all and yet he accepted gifts of food and precious stones from his worshipers. Chimalli guarded his wealth and secrets.  The elders warned him that his laziness and greed would be the death of him and spoke of the devil who would come to claim all he was and possessed.  He laughed at the elders and was still heard laughing as the great devil shark devoured him on the waves.  The Chimalli Noop totem serves as a reminder of the pain that laziness and greed can bring.  Although many young noop to this day still reveres Chimalli as a daredevil prince who points the way to happiness the lesson is there for those who see.

Chimalli was created by commission.

Aloysius: One-of-a-Kind Sculpture

Here\’s a piece I just finished last week for a private collector.  I started it a while ago, it got put aside again and again due to other projects but I finally was able to place it as a priority.  I really tried to take my time and do this right.  And for the most part I\’m very happy with it. Still need to work on my human figures more, especially faces but overall, I was very pleased with this piece.  I named the piece, and the rabbit, Aloysius after a pet rabbit I had many years ago.  It\’s a one of a kind sculpture made out of magic sculpt resin(armature) and polymer clay for the detail.  It was hand painted with acrylic and brush.

Thanks everyone

Last update everyone, just wanted to say thank you to all who supported me and bought a golem or tree ent, and all those who wanted to but didn\’t have the extra $$

All of them sold and it\’s a good indicator that I can go ahead and create some more of these limited series, next time though they definitely gotta have more goodies with them, these two were a bit bare bones, with no deadline but a quality finish expect better stuff from me in the future, looking forward to keeping you all happy

thanks one last time

Post Show Sale

Thanks to all who purchased a tree ent or golem. My show at dragatomi with Troy and Jesse went very well and I managed to sell all the ents in the series of 6 plus it\’s original, and then also sold 3 of the golems plus the original. I really appreciate the interest and support in my work, you guys help me do what I love and I\’m eternally grateful.


that means I have some golems remaining. 5 to be exact. These casts are part of a limited resin series of 10 of a mini munny each signed and numbered. Show\’s over now and I just got my pieces back yesterday. I\’ll be reducing the price of everything. The golems were $175 plus shipping, I\’ll now be selling them for $125 plus shipping. If you want one, let me know by emailing me.

Other pieces from the show will be posted up in my big cartel site soon.

Ready for Bedtime Custom 7″ Munny for Urban Decay II

This piece is called \”Ready for Bedtime\”.  It\’s based loosely off a design I did nearly a couple years ago for a mimobot contest.  I liked the color scheme and the goofy smile so it\’s been back in my mind as a concept for a munny.  It\’s a regular sized munny so with the leg extensions and ears it stand around 14 inches tall. This is a one-of-a kind piece and it will be showing and available for purchase all month long in Urban Decay II.