Chimalli WIP pics

Usually I kinda relish diving right in and hacking and slashing the toys I\’m asked to customize.  But I started this piece just days after I had heard about the slight controversy regarding Jason Freeny\’s Coarse Jaw.  If you had not heard about it I\’ll sum up briefly.  The client who commissioned the work was not happy when he received the piece and discovered scuff makes around the non-customized sections of the toy.  With that on my mind I didn\’t dive in with as much gusto as I usually do.  Fortunately for me though, my style is one that completely remakes the toy and its surface so everything the client see is intentional.  Well, most everything, there are happy accidents.

Anyways, take a look at some of the slashing I had to do and ask yourself if as a client you would be comfortable seeing me hack your very expensive coarse toy like so.

I am currently working on another Coarse Jaw and will be posting WIP pics all throughout the process.  I\’ll be posting those pics soon.

 I had to cut away a lot of the shorts to make the new loin cloth. 
As you can see, beneath the vinyl is a soft powdery resin.
 Carving more cloth
I wanted to create feet wearing sandals so I had to cut away the sneaker.  I found more soft resin and eventually decided to remove the entire foot. Removing sneaker I find the plastic pegs. Here I am already done one leg and have moved on to the second.
 I ended up using the hollow sneaker as a mold, filling it with new resin and leaving the sole of the sneaker as the sandal.
 Here I have my roughed in leg, and stable and ready to texture. 
In order to add extra resin to the head and still have the shark head fit, I had to shave a layer of vinyl off the head.  Vinyl chips everywhere!