The Next Chapter

For so many of us, the pandemic really upended life. For me, it made me question what I was doing and where I wanted to go. The questions I had were questions that had been nagging me for some time.

The original three Sock Rocks

If you knew of me before today, you knew that I was focusing my art on sculpture and in particular, art toys. I had spent the last few years developing a world based on characters called Sock Rocks. It’s a world I enjoyed but a world that clashed with my growing concern over the environment. My highest dreams for Sock Rocks would be that one day they’d be my Smurfs. But the reality of that dream filled my imagination with the horror of tons of plastic. How could I achieve my dreams without contributing to the endless amounts of plastic that’s harming our planet. I just don’t see a way.

At the same time I was creating custom toys, I had the opportunity to illustrate my uncle’s children’s book. Along the way I learned a lot and found an alternative dream to pursue. The dream of illustrating children’s books. No plastic. Only helping authors tell stories. Stories that enrich children’s lives and make me feel like I am actually contributing to the betterment of the world, and not it’s downfall.

The pandemic hit, I questioned my direction and when the opportunity to illustrate a second book presented itself, I jumped at the chance. So my website will be increasingly devoted toward illustration and fewer toys. There won’t be much new stuff to see in the beginning, but I’ll do my best to share as much as possible. I don’t know what exactly will come next. But I’m excited to enter the next chapter in life.

Client Success: Illustrator Kevin Gosselin …

Client Success: Illustrator Kevin Gosselin Creates Vivid, Emotional Art for Prescott’s “A Stone for Kayla”

By Wayne South Smith

“Walt’s vision for the book had always been watercolors which was terrifying for me because I had little experience using them,” said illustrator Kevin Gosselin. Though an artist from a young age with years of experience in graphic design, A Stone for Kayla on the Camino de Santiago was his first time illustrating a book.

Author Walt Prescott shared, “The obvious choice to illustrate my book was an accomplished artist in Seattle who just happened to be my nephew and godchild Kevin. Using my Camino photos, Kevin nailed my vision and flew with it, stunning me with his creativity and the art’s beauty. His watercolor impressions bring me back to the Camino every time I view them.”

Kevin added, “I think an added spark I had for this project was my love and respect for the author.  The story is about him, and as the illustrator, I possessed a deep connection to the protagonist.”

Kevin also found inspiration in learning to work with watercolors.  “I love the inherent life of the water and how it wants to do its own thing.  After a while, it affected how I saw my surroundings.  Suddenly everything was light and values.  The medium provides a quality I can’t get with opaque paint.”

All 27 illustrations began as watercolor paintings which were then scanned for enhancement using PhotoShop.  Once completed, Kevin typeset the story into his artworks.

“Both Walt and you, Wayne, were excellent in keeping me going. I had never worked with an editor before. It was great, more like having a coach instead of a boss. You brought an experienced eye to the process, always providing me with the right amount of guidance and enthusiasm.  You were very easy to work with.”

“It’s nice to have a book feather in my cap.  I’ve long had an interest in being a children’s book writer and illustrator.  All my fine artwork has been sculpting creatures and character design with the idea that maybe one day I would put them into books. A Stone for Kayla has given me the audacity to think that by the end of this year I will produce my own.  Recently, I developed the origin story…”

And so the artist / illustrator begins a new adventure into writing.  I, for one, am excited to discover where he ends up.

Buy A Stone for Kayla on the Camino de Santiago by Walt Prescott, illustrated by Kevin Gosselin, available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle.

A different path for me

A few years ago my uncle to my Uncle Walt asked me to help illustrate a book he wrote for his granddaughter. The book is about his travels on the Camino de Santiago and the lessons he learned. He wanted it painted in watercolors and I although I had never painted in that medium, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn. I am so happy to have taken him up on the offer and here are the results of the project.


The book is now available on Amazon. Please go over there and take a look at our book and if you’d like, get yourself a copy in hardcover or kindle edition.


2019 Sock Rocks are in the bag!

Well, it’s been years since I posted on my site.  My next post will go into more depth about why that is.  But I wanted to take a quick moment to thank those who came to my booth at the Dickens Fair yesterday! I so much enjoyed introducing you to my family of Sock Rocks. And of course, thank you all to my long-time online supporters. I look forward to bringing all of you the full story in the coming year.  I will be developing a new website dedicated to my Sock Rocks and keep you informed of everything that happens there.

Thanks from the Gosselin’s

Sock Rocks Series 3 Release

$15 a piece, 25% off order with a minimum order of 2.

It’s year three and I have two new characters, Reuben and Orville.  Rueben is the first child of the Sock Rocks, son of Winston and Fanny.  And of course every family needs a lovable pet, so I created Orville, the family mutt.  As with years past, this series is limited to 30 pieces per character, cast in resin, painted in acrylic and comes individually bagged in a burlap sack.

To makes things easier this year, I’m lowering the price to $15 a piece and getting rid of my bundled pricing.  Instead, I’ve set up a sale of 25% off with a minimum order of two SockRocks.  I’ve also moved my shop over to Etsy so don’t be using a bookmark for my old store.

The remaining Series 1 and 2 are available now and I will be releasing Series 3 this Friday, the 17th, at 10 AM PST.

SockRocks: Xmas Coals for Naughty Girls & Boys

I would like to introduce to you, Winston, Victor and Thaddeus, the first three lumps of Christmas Coal who are ready to appear this Christmas morning in stockings everywhere.  Do you know some special someone who has been especially naughty this year and deserves recognition for their deeds?  Let them know just how bad they\’ve been and give them a SockRock.  SockRocks are cast in resin, hand-painted,  stand from 2-3.5 inches tall and come in their very own burlap sack.  They will be available individually, in pairs and as a trio.  There are a limited amount this year with only 30 pieces each so make sure to grab one quick so your special someone doesn\’t miss out on the inaugural year of what is sure to become a Christmas tradition.  Wait, it already is.  Where have these guys been hiding all these years?

SockRocks will be available starting at 8 AM Pacific Time
this Friday which happens to be the color of coal.

Individual SockRock:
$20 plus shipping (limited to 13 each)
Any Pair of SockRocks:
$25 plus shipping (limited to 18 pairs, 6 of each combination)
The Trio:
$30 plus shipping (limited to 5 sets)

Limited Edition Hand Painted Sculpt

“Careful what you wish for” is now available in my store as a limited edition of 10 pieces for $225.
These will be made to order so expect a 3-5 week turnaround.

This is the story of a twelve year old boy. As many kids his age, he is misunderstood and there are just too many details of his life that make things easy for the trolls of sixth grade. Time and time again, his afternoons are filled with the taunts and endless jeering that make him question why life is so very unfair. He dreams of a larger, braver friend to protect him. In fact he wishes. But what if that wish came true? Would his friend help him? Would his friend simply provide him the courage to protect himself? Sometimes, all we need is a good friend to be the solid ground on which we stand.


Two and a half years later

Yup, two and a half years ago I posted a picture of this guy on twitter saying I was nearly complete.  I was wrong.  I did finish the sculpt and then it sat on my desk for another couple years before I managed to make time to make more casts of it and paint them up.  Time my have passed but I still love this little guy.  At 3 x 2.5 x 2, he\’s tiny and packed full of cuteness and NOW available in my online store for an accessible price of $35.  I\’m only making 30 of these little guys so get one now before they\’re gone.