Chimalli Noop – Custom Coarse Jaw

Early in the 15th century located in a hidden port of the southern Mexican coast there lived a legendary noop named Chimalli.  Chimalli refused to live by the traditions of the edlers and left the life of farming to pursue a life of adventure.  He wandered many years shirking responsibility to play all day. For many years he was away from his family until one day he returned with the ability walk on the waves.  Chimalli became much admired for his skill by the young  but he feared and angered the elders. The young ones would follow him around begging for the knowledge he possessed.  He refused all and yet he accepted gifts of food and precious stones from his worshipers. Chimalli guarded his wealth and secrets.  The elders warned him that his laziness and greed would be the death of him and spoke of the devil who would come to claim all he was and possessed.  He laughed at the elders and was still heard laughing as the great devil shark devoured him on the waves.  The Chimalli Noop totem serves as a reminder of the pain that laziness and greed can bring.  Although many young noop to this day still reveres Chimalli as a daredevil prince who points the way to happiness the lesson is there for those who see.

Chimalli was created by commission.

Post Show Sale

Thanks to all who purchased a tree ent or golem. My show at dragatomi with Troy and Jesse went very well and I managed to sell all the ents in the series of 6 plus it\’s original, and then also sold 3 of the golems plus the original. I really appreciate the interest and support in my work, you guys help me do what I love and I\’m eternally grateful.


that means I have some golems remaining. 5 to be exact. These casts are part of a limited resin series of 10 of a mini munny each signed and numbered. Show\’s over now and I just got my pieces back yesterday. I\’ll be reducing the price of everything. The golems were $175 plus shipping, I\’ll now be selling them for $125 plus shipping. If you want one, let me know by emailing me.

Other pieces from the show will be posted up in my big cartel site soon.

Golden God: Custom PAW

Lost to the world this ancient temple hides away in the jungle, a relic of another time. Created from individual stones, shaped and pieced together into a worshiped god long since forgotten.  Hidden within the stone are traces of gold.  A staircase wraps it\’s way around one arm, up the spine and ascends the other arm to be greeted by the ceremonial altar where many a life was exhausted as offerings in the hopes good fortune would bring.  A birds nest clings to the under hang of rock and vines begin to claim this abandoned place.  The real mystery lies deep beneath.  Are you brave enough to venture through the door?

Home is where the hearth is

Tonight is the opening of the Sketchbot Custom show at Munky King in LA.  I was invited to create a custom for the show and here\’s my finished piece that I call \”Home is where the hearth is\”. It\’s a steam powered sketchbot that has long since broken down only to be reclaimed by a field mouse who has built himself a cozy nest in the abandoned hearth.
The sketchbot is such a distinct character already I felt it best to stay true to the original character but put my own twist to it.  About a year ago I created a character called Blank Frank and had made a version that was steam powered by the boiler in it\’s head.  When looking at the sketchbot I thought it made the perfect vehicle for this concept.  So I cut in a window to view the boiler, added a door and some piping to transform sketchbot into a steam-powered robot.  What was really difficult was creating and painting the interior floor/ceiling to the boiler/furnace.  I had to cut out one of the arm sockets to make it happen.  I also had to bend a paint brush at an angle to reach all the interior surfaces.
The window is made of a bit of spare plastic I had lying around.  I used the same plastic to create the shield for the meter which kinda represents my sketchbot\’s eye.  The meter was designed in illustrator and printed out to size.  I wasn\’t overly happy with the quality of the print out I was able to achieve on my home printer but it is infinitely better than what I would have been able to achieve by hand.  The door to the furnace has a working hinge and handle that does lock the door closed.  Inside the old abandoned furnace is the field mouse\’s nest and some food he has stored.
The show starts tonight so if you\’re in the LA area check it out along with about 75(I think) other great artists included(are you kidding me, Frank Kozik).   I\’m in a show with Frank?  Frank doing a custom?  That\’s so punk.

3 Customs, 3 Shows

The first show is the Milk Munny Exhibit, which is actually already over.  I believe my Stone Golem is still available for $750 at Red Hot Robot starting Oct 6th.  If you\’d like to purchase this Mega contact them.  Remember, 100% of the purchase goes to the Keep a Breast Foundation.

The second show is the Jouwe Custom show at the Toy Art Gallery in LA.  This show started Saturday Oct. 2nd and goes until Nov. 2nd.  You can find my Jouwe and many others for sale here.

And the third show, starting this Saturday, Oct. 9th, is the 15th Anniversary DIY Qee Celebration at Dragatomi.  There\’s sure to be a lot of great work there.  Check it out.

R.I.P. Kevin Gosselin

Here\’s my custom for Dragatomi\’s 15th Anniversary DIY Qee Celebration.
I think it speaks for itself.
But if you want some explanation, well, it\’s me, in the hopefully very distant future rising from the grave, grabbing the fresh flowers laid at the tombstone and presenting them back to the giver with goofy delight.  
Originally I thought of having the corpse be that of Kurt Cobain after I heard Justin Bieber say, \”I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation.\”  I thought it would be funny if he came from below and was screaming, \”Bieber!!!\” But in the end I felt that having Kurt with a face full of shot gun pellets was just a little too poor in taste so I went with something more silly.  

Cannibal Dunny for Most Wanted

By now, a lot of you by have seen this, but for those that don\’t have the inside track or happen to be on the Most Wanted Mailing list then here is the full reveal of my design.

This concept didn\’t take but a few minutes to think of. Since the inception of my Dunny Eater for Munny world, I\’ve tried to make all my custom pieces fall into the realm of this fantastic world. So when thinking how a 3\” Dunny would actually fit into that would, I thought naturally he would have to be a cannibal. And once I thought about making a shrunken head, well, it was set in stone.
Now, come release time I\’m gonna hate this design and the difficulties it\’s set forth for me, but hey, if you\’re gonna do something, put your all into it and make it your best.
And for those who might be interested, I announced a couple days ago on the KidRobot forums that I was going to be making a few 8\” Dunnys out of this design. Each one will have a slight different color variation and be a one of a kind. Well, since then two have been snagged up already and there\’s just one spot left. If you want that guy, contact me. There will be artists proofs but I guarantee you, for the price I\’m selling these 8\” Dunnys, you\’d rather go big.

Most Wanted Teaser Pic

So I\’ve been working hard on my design for the upcoming Most Wanted Series 2. It\’s been tough not showing everyone what I\’ve been up to because I\’m super happy with how this little guy turned out. It actually makes me think that doing 3\” dunnys might not be a bad idea. Maybe in the near future I\’ll do a small series of my own 3\”. hmmm

Well, Manny with the MW series posted a teaser pic up on the KR forums of my prototype piece.
It\’s a real crappy pic that does it no justice but here it is anyways. Maybe they\’ll do a full reveal of it sometime soon. I honestly have no idea.