Chimalli Noop – Custom Coarse Jaw

Early in the 15th century located in a hidden port of the southern Mexican coast there lived a legendary noop named Chimalli.  Chimalli refused to live by the traditions of the edlers and left the life of farming to pursue a life of adventure.  He wandered many years shirking responsibility to play all day. For many years he was away from his family until one day he returned with the ability walk on the waves.  Chimalli became much admired for his skill by the young  but he feared and angered the elders. The young ones would follow him around begging for the knowledge he possessed.  He refused all and yet he accepted gifts of food and precious stones from his worshipers. Chimalli guarded his wealth and secrets.  The elders warned him that his laziness and greed would be the death of him and spoke of the devil who would come to claim all he was and possessed.  He laughed at the elders and was still heard laughing as the great devil shark devoured him on the waves.  The Chimalli Noop totem serves as a reminder of the pain that laziness and greed can bring.  Although many young noop to this day still reveres Chimalli as a daredevil prince who points the way to happiness the lesson is there for those who see.

Chimalli was created by commission.

Aloysius: One-of-a-Kind Sculpture

Here\’s a piece I just finished last week for a private collector.  I started it a while ago, it got put aside again and again due to other projects but I finally was able to place it as a priority.  I really tried to take my time and do this right.  And for the most part I\’m very happy with it. Still need to work on my human figures more, especially faces but overall, I was very pleased with this piece.  I named the piece, and the rabbit, Aloysius after a pet rabbit I had many years ago.  It\’s a one of a kind sculpture made out of magic sculpt resin(armature) and polymer clay for the detail.  It was hand painted with acrylic and brush.