Ready for Bedtime Custom 7″ Munny for Urban Decay II

This piece is called \”Ready for Bedtime\”.  It\’s based loosely off a design I did nearly a couple years ago for a mimobot contest.  I liked the color scheme and the goofy smile so it\’s been back in my mind as a concept for a munny.  It\’s a regular sized munny so with the leg extensions and ears it stand around 14 inches tall. This is a one-of-a kind piece and it will be showing and available for purchase all month long in Urban Decay II.

Vinyl Roots Preview #3 @dragatomi with @JRYU @TroyStith

Say hello to Sydney the Sapling.  Sydney was created one fateful night when a wandering old kind hearted, yet poor sighted witch clumsily flew her broomstick into a giant oak tree.  On she flew unawares that she had accidentally spilled some of her magic powder loose from her bag of tricks. Magic powder is powerful stuff and we\’re lucky it didn\’t fall and do any damage, or did it?  But that\’s another story, for another time.  Today I will tell you how that powder managed to sprinkle on one tiny acorn to close to the giant tree.  If it hadn\’t been for the powder, why I doubt this little guy would have had a chance to grow at all in that deep shape.  But it had been sprinkled, and in time, and a little luck, something magical happened.  Sydney was born. Now Sydney, being just a sapling, is just too light in the britches to stay standing long.  He\’s a clever little guy though and he used all his sappy strength to grab a hold of a small rock which keeps him grounded.  And who\’s this he\’s looking at?  Some Woolly Bully Caterpillar with no respect at all chewing through his leafy hand.  Sydney gets no respect.

As for Woolly Bully…
he\’s a no nonsense caterpillar who\’s on a mission to earn his wings. All those in his way will be devoured!