Coarse Jaw Samurai Pain

Early in the Keichō era on the small Pacific island of Kōzushima of the southwest coast of Japan lived a young man named Yokurou. Yokurou had a great passion for the ocean and it was said his love was so strong he was able to speak with the sea gods. Yokurou would play in the ocean and ride the coarse waves until one day in his 17th year he fell in love with a young girl named Koneneme.  For 3 years the loved in peace. Yokurou was then called to the mainland to serve under the rule of the great emperor Go-Yōzei. Much was his loyalty to the realm so with heavy heart Yokurou left his wife and baby daughter to fulfill his duties.  After 20 years of service and having become a great samurai warrior, it is said Yokurou summoned the sea god Wani 鰐 to spirit him across the ocean back to his loving wife and daughter.

Yokurou\’s armor and helmet are fashioned after the sea god Wani 鰐, the powerful sea dragon.

This is a one of a kind custom done for commission.