Limited Edition Tree Ent Available Saturday 14th

\”I love you so much it hurts\”

Each set is a custom 4\” mini Munny made of vinyl and resin accompanied by an original 2.5\” resin figure both hand painted in arcylic.  There are 10 in the edition and I will also be selling the original sculpt that was created for Urban Decay. They\’re signed, numbered and will be going on sale this Saturday at noon PST.  

This is my next piece in my series of tree ents.  I\’ve once again revisited the birch tree theme and added a friend.  The birch tree character is different than the last with it\’s own unique details including a damaged leg from that of his friend the beaver.  The beaver is a new character developed to exist in my \”Ready for Bedtime\” world. 

When I began this piece I simply had the concept of a beaver chewing on a birch tree and the title \”I love you so much it hurts.\” What I did not realize until I was finished was the significance of the symbolism I was putting in place. As some of you might know I was born in New Hampshire. What you might not know is that New Hampshire\’s state tree is the White Birch. So let\’s just say the ent represents me 🙂 You might also know that the beaver is Canada\’s national animal. What you might not know is that my wife is Canadian. While not intentional, I discovered that this piece could easily represent my wife and I.