3D scans of Kozik Bust

I sent the prototype over to the factory and decided to have it scanned in and scaled up with a rapid prototyping.  I did this to compensate for what would have been a loss of 7% with the vinyl. Being new to this process I was ignorant to the loss.  All part of the learning curve I guess. I also decided to scale it up a little extra so it\’ll be 105% of the original.  The original bust had been developed using a female skull as reference.  It was the only thing I could get my hands on with the limited time before the tribute show. I had tried to bulk the skull up but it always appeared a little under-sized to be true to life. The scaling up will, I hope, make the bust more of a presence and match Frank\’s size a little better. And finally, when the prototype arrived at the factory the end of the cigarette had been broken during shipping and the factory fixed it. However when I received the first set of scans I noticed that the \”fix\” wasn\’t to my liking and I asked them if either they could provide me with the working 3D model so I could fix or if they could fix. They did the work for me and it looks just like it should now. That\’s actually one of the reasons it took as long as it did to get this far.

Anyways, long story short, I just got the scans last week and sent them the approval.

Here they are.  Personally I think it looks really awesome to see these rendered.  Can\’t wait to see them in the vinyl.