Mr. AZ: Custom 5″ Madl

It is not known who Mr. AZ is but the Hopi people in Kykotsmovi Village will tell you that one day this outsider began showing up asking for food and water. The outsider would appear every few days for about half of a year.  When he stopped the Hopi feared for his safety and set out to locate him.  They found he had created a permanate camp a few miles from their Village.  As he was not disturbing anyone they let him be but kept a careful watch over him.  In the next few years they would learn little of him. Where he came from and why he was here? Who was he protecting himself from with his primitive stone spear?  These are questions the Hopi have no answer for.

The Hopi would tell Mr. AZ that he was being cared for by Madl. In Hopi mythology, Madl is the Kachina spirit dedicaded to the troubled soul seeking penance.  Madl watches over these souls and keeps them safe until they find inner peace.

Over time the Hopi believed Mr AZ did find peace and he devoted his life to the Kachina spirit Madl.  He has built a monument dedicated to the spirit and dwells within.

This piece was a private commission.