Custom Munny: Grumpy

A while back I was asked to create a piece as a gift to someone for Christmas, as time drew short the client said that it would be OK to make the gift a birthday gift so I got a little extra time.  The recipient is an artist too and I\’m told sometimes a little grumpy(well yeah, he\’s an artist).  He has a fondness for bulldogs and I was to link the giver to the piece as well.  This is what I came up with.  I have to say that it has always been most rewarding to me when my art has been done with these types of personal connections in mind.

Oh and the pose that the character is in is fashioned after my daughter.  She likes to place her hands within her overall like this.

Well, today was the birthday and I can finally post this piece.
Here\’s Grumpy.

Here\’s a pic of the final with the custom box I was asked to create.