This is a late post, should have gone up last Friday when Coolvader showed me the work but I\’ve been insanely busy.

So yeah, last Friday he revealed his portion of our collaboration and my jaw hit the floor.  As I gazed at it and absorbed what I saw I began to realize how much I respect Coolvaders work.  First, it dawned on me that by keeping things simple Matt was allowing my sculpt to show through.  He could have easily added tons of little details that would have overshadowed anything I did. But secondly, it began to set in how well balanced the cute little bunny is with this twisted quadrapus-thing ripping out of the poor bunny\’s butt.  The red on white pops so vividly.

Initially I designed the sculpt to be a labbit that happened to have a eye and four tentacles coming off the butt.  But Coolvader interpreted the sculpt to be the eye and tentacles ripping out.  Thank goodness he did cause wow.  It creates such violent moment in time.

As you can tell, I\’m happy with the way this turned out.  What\’s great is that this is something I\’d never be brave enough to create on my own and put in my portfolio, but thanks to Coolvader I have this wicked piece to shock and delight.  Sorry Mom.

For all the pics of this gory piece head on over to my flicker account

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