Stone Golem for Milk Munny Exhibition

Ever hear of the golem?  No, not Smeagol from the LOTR but the creature from hebrew folklore.  Legend has it that this humanoid man of earth could be controlled by inscribing the word emet (אמת \”truth\” in hebrew) on it\’s forehead.  This creature could not think for itself so instructions were placed in the golem\’s mouth.

My incarnation of this fable shows a young child summoning a stone golem to do her bidding.  You can see the shock on the child face as folklore becomes reality.  The beast is ancient and iron supports have been added here and there to keep it from falling apart.  Miracles are being conjured on this cold autumn evening.

This piece was created for and donated to the Milk Munny Exhibition.  The exhibition put on by artist Trevor Hill and being held at the Monorchid Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona, features vinyl art from a huge list of artists and will be donating the proceeds to the Keep a Breast Foundation.  That means this Mega Munny will be up for sale for an amazingly low price of $750.  Help out a good cause and buy it Oct 1st.