8″ Atlas Dunny

Fashioned after a greek statue, this commission was one of the toughest pieces I\’ve ever done.  And by tough, I mean Magic-Sculpt tough.  I miss sculpey and it\’s infinite working time.  Magic-sculpt is great for strength but until I get faster I foresee a lot of tooling in my future.  My dental tools got quite the workout over the last couple weeks.  So much so that I seriously have little feeling on my right middle finger due to the callus that has formed. But it\’s all good.  I\’m not complaining.  Really.  This guy was such a pleasure to work on.  I mean, it\’s like my client was giving me an assignment to work on my anatomy and what better reference material to work from than from the greeks.  Another interesting thing about thsi piece has that oringinally I added texture before the sculpt dried to make it look like the stone was old and weathered, however, because there was so much sanding and tooling, I lost a lot of it.  So in order to achieve the right look, I had to go to town on my smooth finish piece.  Picture me repeatedly stabbing my sculpt over and over with a pick, fork, plyers and other various tools.  My wife could not watch.  It was painful to us both.  But the result was good I think.

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