8″ Custom Cannibal Dunny For Turcicus

So I finished this commission for Turcicus(a member of the KR forums) and mailed the piece to him today. He was cool enough to commission one of the three 8\” Cannibal Dunnys I\’ll be doing fashioned after my 3\” Dunny(pictured as reference in last photo) that will be available in the Most Wanted Series II coming out soon.

Two of the 8\” versions are spoken for but there\’s still one left.  Each will be slightly different. This one of course looks exactly like the series piece.  The second is custom by request and the third will be based on the variant.
That is, if someone commissions it.

As you can see there\’s a lot of detail in the 8\” that\’s just not possible in the 3\” version.

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