Free Arcade Game Demo

About 5 years ago my best friend from high school Christian and I decided to fill up our bored evenings and make our own video game.  Christian knew how to do all the programming and I thought I could handle the graphics.  We discussed doing a first person shooter, rpgs, but ended up deciding on an old fashioned arcade game. It\’s in the fashion of games like Luxor or  Zuma where sphere\’s accumulate and you need to clear them by matching three or more.  Our however had a bit of a twist.  Well, instead of me explaining it, feel free to download it and play it.  If you like, let me know.  I only have the demo version right now, I have to dig out the full.  If I find I might put that up as well.  Let me know what you think.

To run it you will need to install Directx 9.0c which I\’ve included in the zip file.  Once you install the directx, just run the exe.  The BHT file is just a file to log high scores.
Here are some screen shots.  As you can see, there are a few different ways to play.  To change the view, hit V.
You can find the complete instructions in the menu.  
OH, and I found the game to be very addictive, kinda tetris like, so you\’re officially warned.  Don\’t blame me if you find yourself wasting your time.

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