Coolvader Collaboration Teaser

I had the privilege of meeting Coolvader almost a year ago at the Munnyworld Toy Exhibition.  We talked about both attending Ringling School of Art & Design and of course the possibility of doing a collaboration.  He liked my sculpts and well I think you\’d be insane if you didn\’t think his painting abilities were out of this world.  We both like the idea of merging our skills for an awesome piece of art.  So in reality I convinced this guy to let me piggy-back off his exceptional talents.  I mean really.  So a few months ago we tossed the idea up on the KR forums and we got a commission.  Linh Pham, the gentleman who commissioned the Stomper, 5\” Labbit from me, had wanted to commission Coolvader as well.  He took this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

So, I looked over Coolvaders impressive collection of vinyl work and fashioned a design keeping in mind that I didn\’t want to make it too detailed a surface and and drive him mad.  I finished this sculpt a few weeks ago and it\’s now in his hands and hopefully it will be complete in the near future.  I enjoyed doing this so much that I suggested to him that we do a series.  He agreed.  So maybe next year your see a limited series from Coolvader and I.  Think anatomy.

Anyways, here\’s a teaser of the piece.

One thought on “Coolvader Collaboration Teaser

  1. Collabs are a cool idea. Kinda like when I was in school and we'd work on a drawing for a class, and then hand it to the student to our left at the next class. Got some pretty interesting illustrations outta that class!


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