Bobble-Head Munny

I was asked a few months ago by a good runner friend to create a custom munny of another good runner friend to celebrate her completing her first 100 mile ultra marathon.  I was happy to take the job.  Soon after we discussed the concept, the friend commissioning the piece asked me if I could also make it a bobble-head, because the recipient loves bobble-heads.  OK.  Now, I guess in some sense, it makes the work slightly lower brow than the work already is, which is admittedly low brow, but I enjoyed doing this and it added an extra challenge that I\’ve yet had the chance to do.  The funny thing is that since completing this, I\’ve had a bunch of inquiries on doing more.  I guess bobble-heads are really popular.

So here it is.  Kathleen the Machine.

2 thoughts on “Bobble-Head Munny

  1. My brother ran the 50k (26 miles) marathon before. It took him about 6 years. When I heard you ran 50 mile marathons, my eyes were wide open and I was just wowed. Now, a friend of yours did 100 miles. I don't even know what to say. How long did it take her to finish it?Oh awesome custom by the way!


  2. You ROCK Kevin, and so does your bobble-head!! Thought up by one good friend and created by another, it's an incredibly sentimental piece. Thank you!


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