Bud And Nade: Sibling Rivalry

Here\’s my latest piece.  It was commissioned by a Jamungo collector who gave me free reign with the platform.  He gave me a bud and a nade and asked me to customize both of them.  Not necessarily together.  When I got them, I had honestly never seen one or the other and was a little nervous about working on them. The plastic was really hard and the limbs were so small.  I worried that it would be difficult to achieve anything dynamic with them.  After (ehem) months of sitting on my shelf waiting to be customized when I got around to it I finally had a concept that worked for me.  Simply put, the two would be wrestling for their lives.  One trying to detonate the other.  I didn\’t want to overdo the piece with lots of color and characterization like I do with a lot of my other pieces. I wanted the original platforms and the struggle to take the spotlight so I decided to make the piece a bronze.  Now I can paint anything with bronze paint and it will look like a bronze statue but the second you pick it up there\’s no fooling anyone.  These toys are so light that I needed to add some serious weight to them to make the piece convincing.  So I filled the heads and the base with as many fishing sinkers as I could.  At shipping the piece weighed about 2.5 lbs.  It is a small piece with a lot of weight.    Anyways, here\’s the piece.  And thanks for being very patient Colin.