Scotty the Bearbarian

I just learned that the show has changed venues so here is that new info.

Miami’s Independent Thinkers | ART BASEL 2010
Location: Casa Wynwood (2135 NW 1st Court)
Time: 4:00PM Thursday, December 2nd

For more details, head over to the Wizard Sleeve Toys blog.

Also, if you\’d be interested in purchasing this fella, you can find the preview page here 


Well, here it is folks, my 16\” Qee bear for the \”Qee to the City\” show in Miami during Art Basel.
A lot of work went into this big fella including cutting down the enormous mickey ears and creating more practical bear ears. He\’s got his wooden shield, flail, waterskin, a necklace with key to some mysterious fortune(maybe to the city?) and a vial of aromatic ground seed.

I call him Scotty because while I was sculpting him I couldn\’t help but notice how much the face resembled a scotty terrier.

If you\’re down in Miami this coming week during Art Basel, check it out.