More to come

Just finished a piece yesterday. Want to show it off but I\’m going to wait until my wife and I get our new camera that should hopefully come in later today. Then I can take much better pictures of my work.

This piece was done over the last week while I took some time off for Christmas. I decided to revisit the Ent Munny theme that originally got me into this exciting new line of work. I\’ve been meaning to get back to this as I never really liked the original piece and felt I could do much better with it. I think I still want to explore it further in the future. For now here\’s a teaser pic until later today/tomorrow when I get my camera.

One thought on “More to come

  1. Dude Kevin… you got it!!! a mini munny? too good to be true… im exactly like you… i do the sculpt, then when im done i deal with the color scheme, even i start to paint and decide or changes things by the minute, i guess im not worried about change that… i kinda like it that way 🙂


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