Stomper, the Dunny-Mounted Labbit

From the world of Dunny Eaters comes my second muscle bound beastie, Stomper, the Dunny-Mounted Labbit.

This piece was done for commission and was a lot of fun. It took a bit of work though. As with the Dunny Eater I wanted to apply anatomy to the smooth platform. Bring it to life, so-to-speak. But this guy wasn\’t set up to receive those kind of features. The labbit is just too fat. Without extensive slicing of vinyl this guy would have looked ridiculous. So, slice and dice I did. The ears were of course an intended manipulation of the original platform. I felt that they needed to angle back to create the angry look the client wanted. But the arms were the most work. I basically had to cut out the entire area of the arms to develop the massive anatomy.

When coming up with the concept for this guy I said to myself, \”what am I going to do for the accessory?\” If you\’ve seen the Dunny Eater you\’ll know that the accessory I made, the axe, was just as cool, if not cooler than the Munny himself so I knew I had to live up to having a good accessory. It didn\’t take but a minute to recognize the obvious solution. This Labbit needed a rider. So enter my native dunny rider with face paint. He was a lot of fun.

With this piece I also got to try out my skills with leather. I made the harness for him from leather strips and metal rivets. The rider, saddle he sits on and harness are all detachable.

For the painting of this guy I went a little different than in the past. I ended up painting individual strokes of hair over the entire body instead of just dry brushing the highlights. I thinks it adds a nice painterly touch instead of the more plain look.

Overall I\’m very happy with this piece and think it\’s another step up from my last piece.

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