My friend Bobby in Toronto reminded me that I should be putting my artwork up for sale somewhere. Right now I actually only have one item that can be sold and it has been something I\’ve been meaning to do. My brother had shown me a site on Thanksgiving, I originally had planned to install Oscommerce on my site but this site seems to be much easier. For free I get to sell up to five items and it uses my paypal account. So I just set up an account and posted my first item for sale. I was hoping someone could go here and test it out, see if it works. Go on, … buy it, you know you want to 😉

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  1. A custom totem pole! Lovely. =) How large is it? I wish I had the space to buy some art pieces as I started collecting fellow artists' works… although I just had to give a bunch of my collection away to family before moving because my new place really is tiny. I'm talking hobbit-hole small.Many thanks for stopping by on my blog by the way. I am sure some Arthurian art will come out of my being here – I'm about to ask the custodian of the Great Halls if he might allow me to study the round table and the hall and lighting in there for a piece of artwork – maybe a woodblock print – of the knights at the table. If you're an Arthur geek I may have to come to you for answers! I know a bit about the legend and I'm working through Idylls, but I'm by no means a buff.


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