Thanks Cool Canadian Border Guy

Yesterday I headed up to Vancouver to drop off the 3 pieces to The Fall Gallery. I had yet to cross the border with art so I didn\’t know what to do or expect. they made me go into the customs office and declare the three items. The guy I talked to was really nice. He asked all sorts of questions about the art and why it was priced so little. He suspected I was under-valuing the pieces in order to avoid taxation. I assured him that it wasn\’t the case and if I felt I could get more for the pieces I certainly would be charging more. He ended up being super cool and letting me pass through this time without paying any taxes. It would have actually been 20% of the remaining 70% I get if I even sell the pieces. So needless-to-say I was happy he didn\’t tax me. He actually visited my site and this blog to verify if I was for real. So,… if you happen to visit again and see this post, THANKS COOL CANADIAN BORDER GUY. You really helped me out. And if you get a chance to visit the Fall Gallery in Vancouver on 644 Seymour St you\’ll see that indeed I wasn\’t lying about my prices. I did, as I mentioned to you, adjust for the U/Canadian currency conversion but otherwise my prices are what I said they were.

So, it does lead me to rethink doing artwork for clients in Canada. It\’ll have to be on project to project bases. After all the work put in, the taxes, and then the transport of the art to the location, it really makes one think about staying local. I\’m gonna have to start talking to some Seattle galleries. Hey Chris, when you doing the toy show? hehe