Rip Van Chuckboy and Angkor Goss

Here are a couple pieces done for one of my very favorite clients.  The client came up with the rough concepts and I was allowed to go with it as usual.

With the Chuckboy dunny I was asked to have nature overcome the machine and have one of my trees grow up around it.  I couldn\’t wait to turn the dunny into a skeleton.  The client also requested my Ready for Bedtime Bunny which has become a reoccurring character for me.  The bunny\’s name is actually Penny after my dog Penny who has a spot over one eye much like the bunny.  Penny is getting older and naming the bunny after her allows me to keep her with me as time goes by.  So when you see a Ready for Bedtime bunny, you\’ll know I\’m thinking about her.  ANYWAYS… it would seem our cyborg wasn\’t your T-100 model but a softy who carried around it\’s stuffed animal and there it lies until one day nature will completely devour them both.  How nice.

As for the Madl, it\’s the next in our series of ancient temples.  This guy was a lot of fun to make.  I mean who doesn\’t love looking at pictures of Angkor Wat?  One of the things I love about commissions is the research phase when I have to learn everything I can about a subject.  I had always had interest in Angkor Wat but knew very little about it and now I\’m just dying to get there one day. One day.  Turns out, for those not in the know, Angkor Wat is a particular temple of many within Cambodia that makes up the remains of the lost Khmer civilization.  I ended up blending in various elements from a few temples to make up my Angkor Goss.  The general structure is representative of many temples but the Buddha face is from the Bayon Temple and the recognizable bayon tree is from Ta Prohm. As for the name Angkor Goss, that was the clients idea and I think it\’s catchy so Angkor Goss it is.