Amun-ny Ra

It\’s been over a year now since I got this commission.  It\’s just amazing how time flies by.  I really wish I could work faster than this but life as a stay at home dad takes a lot of my time. So to the very patient client who commissioned this piece, thank you.

This Custom Mini Munny was a private commission. The client simply asked me to create something similar to my Golden God PAW commission that I revealed over a year ago.  I said I wouldn\’t do the same thing, but, you know, I\’ve wanted to do something Egyptian.  He agreed and the terms of the deal was that I\’d be able to make a limited series of resin casts(10) off his original.  He gets to keep the first cast but that means I have 9 others to sell.  Well, make that eight because my nephew gets one of everything I do.  And it\’s his birthday coming up so I might as well say to him, Happy Birthday Zinn 🙂

Amun-ny-Ra. It\’s almost like the name Amun-Ra was made to be converted into a Munny.  Each resin munny has been individually hand painted and weathered with care. Each is accompanied by it\’s own resin base inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs.  The 4 obelisks read \”1 Munny KidRobot, Kevin Gosselin, 2012\” and the client\’s name.  The base is inscribed with the words, \”Tell me why I had to be a power slave?\” These, to those in the know, are the words to an Iron Maiden song that I was inspired by when creating the piece. Amun-ny Ra is the king of Gods and holds the ankh, the key of life .

Each cast has been signed and numbered.

A funny little story about the making of this piece.

This limited series was suppose to be simply weathered, but in the course of events, a happy accident happened.  I went to make the mold of the original vinyl munny custom and put it in the pressure pot, completely forgetting that the air inside the munny would also pressurize, when I took the piece out I discovered the original had been crushed.   After many curses I began to see the silver lining.  What was remaining looked beautiful.  I couldn\’t have sculpted better cracks.  So I decided to incorporate them into the piece.  But it required more work.  The vinyl  was warped so I had to transfer the pieces to a new munny, of which I didn\’t have one lying around and really wanted to finish it asap, so I took my munny that was autographed by Frank Kozik and used that. Sorry Frank.

back in 08 I met Frank at KidRobot Miami and had him sign this mini munny,
\”Stop Whining, Start Designing\” 
as a way to inspire me to be creative
did you make it all the way down here? congrats,
oh, did I mention I made a different color way? well, I did 🙂