When Worlds Collide

Last night was the opening open the When Worlds Collide show at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland.  I felt really lucky to live in this neck of the woods and be able to see all the great work the other artists produced.  As soon as I get my pictures cleaned up I\’ll post my thoughts on everyones work and highlight my favorites.  I will say though that it was a toss up for me between two pieces at the show.  If I actually had money I\’d have walked away with either Chauskoskis Gorilla Rook or Map Map\’s piece of which the name eludes me right now.  Both pieces were so beautiful in their choices of color and the sculpts were gorgeous.  Simple yet flawless in their design and execution.  If you have means, go get em.

OK, so now on to what I did.  Last fall Fplus invited me to be in his show but as I looked at my schedule I had to step away from it.  Josh was totally cool about it and insisted I still contribute something so I offered to show existing pieces and create a couple new pieces if I could.  So I submitted my two large pieces that were returned to me from other events, namely the Mega Stone Golem and the 16\” Qee Bear.  I didn\’t like rerunning any work but it is good for a new audience to see the work in person as none of the photos I ever take do any of my pieces justice.  At any rate, I did create two pieces for the show.  The first is a bit of a cop out.  My bad.  When I created the Stone Golem it was done entirely in Magic Sculpt which has a working life of around an hour.  So, to be sure of my direction I had done a sketch of the face on a regular sized munny.  So, with that lying around and the overwhelming interest in the original mega version, I decided to complete it and offer up a more affordable stone golem.  Here he is.  For the most part he\’s the same guy, brackets and leaves and nest all in the same place but this little guy, as with all little guys, tend to me meaner.  His jaw is larger and arms bulkier.  Don\’t mess with him.
The other thing I did, which I teased about the other day, was a new direction for me.  I\’ve done some tree ents in the past and wanted to explore it a little more and decided that a bonsai tree would be an interesting direction.  I really don\’t know how the community will respond to this piece.  I personally found this a blast to do and think for my first one it turned out nicely.  I\’d love to do many more of these, each with it\’s own personality while exploring traditional bonsai techniques and designs.  The larger the better too.  But I suppose it all depends on the community\’s response to it. Let me know what you think.  Do you want to see more of these?