@AW177 Collaboration for NYCC

A while ago the artist known as AW177 contacted me about doing a collaboration.  I love his work because of its Eastern influences and slick finishes.  It\’s about as different from my own work as I think you can get.  Which is why I wanted to add his style to my portfolio.  However, it did present it\’s challenges.  For this piece I had to simplify my own style a it.  Much like my collaboration with Coolvader, I wanted to keep the surfaces as simple as possible so the surface could be worked with afterward.   The Madl platform only worked more to this idea with it\’s straight lines.  We decided on basing our concept on the ancient Chinese terracotta warriors.  So I went about simplifying the armor in basic shapes.  I used magic sculpt to create my shapes and sanded.  And sanded. The end result was a toy that I think would look pretty cool if manufactured. Hmmm, what do you think MAD?

Well, AW177 just finished the 3rd one and here they are.
\”Dragon Power\” Elite Division Warrior #1
\”Tiger Fury\” Elite Division Warrior #2
\”Phoenix Rising\” Elite Division Warrior #3
I love them.  So much detail and they look beautiful.  I love the rich colors and they look awesome as a set.  They\’ll be available Oct 8-10th at NYCC.  That\’s this weekend.  Look for them at the Tenacious Toys Booth.  AW177 will also be doing a signing on Saturday at 1pm.

Check out AW177\’s other work that he\’ll have available at NYCC as well.