Randall McMunny

So a few weeks ago KidRobot Social Media Embassador Ryan the Wheelbarrow ( www.ryanthewheelbarrow.com , check out that mustache!!) contacted me about participating in the Munny Munth contest and said if I was to share with them some WIP pictures that they\’d send me a Munny to work on.  I would have entered the contest anyways, but it was super cool to get that request and I was happy to help.  So I created this custom Munny for the contest (you can vote for me here if you\’d like ) and all the while I was taking pictures to show everyone my process.  I ALSO, by suggestion from Mr Spanky Stokes, decided to try out a new sculpting material.  Magic-Sculpt.  I had heard a lot about it around the web and finally found a place to by it around here.  The stuff is awesome.  It\’s a little quicker than I\’d like but I\’m getting used to it.  Anyways, you can find the WIP pics over at the Kronikle ( http://kronikle.kidrobot.com/custom-control-kevin-gosselin/ )
and if you\’d like to take this fella home, visit my shop.

7 thoughts on “Randall McMunny

  1. Kev, This looks amazing! The WIP photos really bring him to life! Not to mention hone in on the awesome detail! Let me know the next time you're going to be in NYC!


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