Illustration Wednesday

Yeah, I missed last week. I had a busy week and even though I started a drawing I never got around to finish it. Still working on it and below is the unfinished work.
But first this weeks illustration. Years ago I painted an illustration for a friend back in Florida. The concept was just about the same but I never felt like I finished the piece properly. Below is a revised version that I hope to make some t-shirts with. Eventually I\’d also like to go back and repaint this.

Before pursuing art I spent all my free time out running the trails of western Washington. If you\’re not a runner you\’d have called me a bit obsessive about it. It got to a point a couple summers ago when I ran a 50 mile race. I love running because it pushes my threshold of mental fatigue and in turn I believe that makes me a stronger individual capable of handling anything that comes my way. I love trail running specifically because it gets me \”away from the things of man\” as George would say. Anyways, I could go on forever about running but instead, here\’s my unfinished drawing which I\’ll hopefully finish over the next few weeks.