Bacon from the Dunny Eater Series

Say Hello to Bacon. This little guy tries as hard as he can to be mean. He\’s even borrowed a bloody halberd and shield from his father but try as he might, deep down inside he\’s just a sweetie. Bacon is part gorilla, part boar and all around nice guy.

Bacon was made from a 7\” Munny, wire, plumber epoxy, screws, polymer clay and leather. This was my first attempt at this size and I loved it. It\’s perfect. Large enough to allow for all the detail I want and small enough to be practical. Want to see how I made this? A lot of you probably saw a lot of images I posted over the last couple weeks. I wasn\’t just showing off. Nope, I was amassing as many pictures as I could to assemble a tutorial. Plan on seeing a tutorial from me within the next couple weeks.
Let me know what you think of this guys. Feel free to comment on what you like, and dislike so I can improve with the next one.
Oh, and did I mention, this fella will be for sale soon 🙂

5 thoughts on “Bacon from the Dunny Eater Series

  1. There's nothing I dislike about Bacon. On a side note, this guy reminds me of the movie \”Avatar\”If you add a few more random tiny white dots around his facial area, no doubt, he'll look like an Avatar character to me.GREAT WORK Kevin!


  2. Perfect in every way today. Next week will need work. At least that's how my pieces seem to me. Great Job!


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