Revisiting The Old Job: Web/Graphic Design

oh jeesh, so today I had to go back to my old life of web design and graphic design. A great guy that I used to do a lot of work for contacted me last week to do some very quick web design. I can\’t say no cause it\’s good money and lets face it, I need good money right now cause little baby Alex is on her way in May and this art stuff ain\’t paying so great. I also have this other design job that I started nearly a year ago. I am creating illustrations for a scientific publication. It is the nature of science and research to take a long time to develop and more importantly, to finish.

Anyways, to my point. Today I had to revisit both these jobs and I have to say, I like art more. It was tough going back to the other disciplines. I\’ve been doing the custom sculpture stuff for about 5 months now and I\’m quite happy doing it. The web design wasn\’t so much difficult as it was just there. Without being completely ungrateful to my client, I will say that the subject matter for the design is lacking in the fun factor. I think nearly all the web work I did in the prior 9 years was lacking in fun. Mostly I had corporate clients. Very rarely did I get an exciting product to market. Actually, in defense of this particular client, he has provided me with the majority of the fun projects I\’ve done in the past. Including creating dvd cases for some pretty cool products. At any rate, it\’s fair to say that the toy making I do now is a lot more fun. So to jump back into the old jigs is tough.
I finished the web stuff earlier in the day and moved on… I mean tried to move on to the scientific illustrations and couldn\’t do it. My brain was just repelling the content. Tomorrow I will make a fresh start and must continue and finsih whether I like it or not. For now, or at least the rest of the week it will be scientific illustrations. The funny thing is, last year when I got this job I was very excited about it because it was such a cool job in comparison to what I was doing. However, as I said before, the toy making is just lots more fun. I fear this new lifestyle has completely spoiled me. I have tasted my dream and it will be hard for me to ever accept anything less.