Blank Frank

Working late tonight on my Blank Frank concept. I had been making a mold and had planned on making numerous casts of it but the casting process didn\’t go according to plan. I just keep getting too many air bubbles in the casts and I\’m going to have to rethink my casting material. For now I was able to create 3 casts that required lots of touching up. I used the worst of the 3 and created a rock textured Frank. The 2nd I\’m working on right now was smooth enough that I\’m making a Metal Blank Frank. This guy is your typical metal/riveted figure. I\’m priming him right now and should be done painting him tomorrow. He\’ll be for sale in the Vancouver show along with the other Frank and maybe a third. I\’m actually trying to finish up another piece for that show but I don\’t think it will happen in time. We\’ll see.