Bad artist, bad.

OK, so it looks like I still haven\’t learned to discipline myself very well. I should have finished my latest piece over the weekend but I had a huge setback. I ended up not liking the paint job I did. I just couldn\’t get it right. Layer after layer it just didn\’t work and eventually the paint was becoming thick and acquiring it\’s own texture. So, I could continue painting or I could begin the slow process of stripping the paint off. I chose the later. I figure I could have continued painting but in the end the paint job would have really distracted from the overall piece and it\’s just not something I want to settle with. However this route of stripping was a major pain in the ass. Rather, is because I\’m still working on it. In fact, it would have been quicker to just start completely over. I just don\’t want to waste supplies. I did actually try to remove the paint by using acetone but the sculpey just doesn\’t hold up. So here I am days later slowly pealing the paint away. I think it would be relatively quick and easy if it were not for the intricate wood grain that the paint locks into. Once I\’m done, I\’ll also have to repair all the little nicks and scrapes that occured through the process. Am I the only dumb ass out the who has this problem? Got to remember to do my paint studies. I thought I was going to do the same paint process I had used on the last project but for some reason it didn\’t work. Well, maybe I\’ll be done by the end of the week.

The good news though is that the Mega has been received by KidRobot and successfully survived the shipping process. Just 3 more weeks until the show!