Painting the Mega Munny

So yesterday I painted the Mega. I didn\’t quite finish but I got far enough that I\’m excited. I started the day by testing some color choices on a Dunny. Once I got my colors, I headed over to Michaels and picked up some paint and some paint jars. Then I began mixing color. In the past I\’ve just mixed color on my palette and that ALWAYS gets me into trouble because I\’m bound to run out and have to mix more. And of course matching the previous color is such a hassle. Knowing that the Mega was going to require a bit of paint I pre-mixed about 4 oz of my base color. Having already decided on my color choices it was relaxing to simply paint on the color knowing that is was going to work.

I\’m not the best painter. I\’ve got sooo much to learn and one of those things is to always plan out the color. Being that the Munny is such an important piece to me it was an easy thing to force myself to do, but I need to make this a habit on all my pieces. So when I finished putting on my based coat I pre-mixed my color I had planned to scumble on the base. Once I had my color I began and soon realized what looked good on the dunny for some reason did not read well on the mega. I took a moment to try some new colors on the dunny and decided on a color closer to my base. This time I had it and the Mega started to come alive and my frustration soon turned into glee. I swear, art can make one feel sooo miserable with oneself and moments later so proud. It\’s certainly NOT the reason why I choose to do it.

SO in the end I got the guy finished. Today I\’m going to touch up a few areas that didn\’t quite get done yesterday. I also need to paint his accessories before I am completely done. I still don\’t have the best studio set up yet and when evening came my light source was lacking.

So close to being done. I wish I could post pictures but can\’t until the show. I\’m actually very ready to move on to the next piece. Just not sure what that will be. So many choices.

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