Baking the Mega Munny

So I\’ve been working diligently on the Mega Munny for the KidRobot show in Nov. The deadline for the submission is next week which means in order to ship it on time I really need to be done by the end of the week. The mega is pretty much done in-so-far as the sculpting, but now I have to bake this thing and I\’m terrified of ruining all the hard work. I\’m super happy with my results so far and it would really suck if this didn\’t go well. The mega is just too big for my oven. It would require an industrial pizza oven and that\’s not something I expect to own any time soon. I purchased a heat gun and I\’m thinking that I can make my own oven out of a cardboard box and tinfoil. It works well, something I learned in boy scouts soooo very long ago. BUT, I\’ve heard from another artist that when she tried to bake her Mega the head sunk in due to the extra weight. I can believe this as it happened with the totem pole. So I can try baking it in my tinfoil oven and then possibly pull out my creation with the head sitting inside the belly. The other route is to just use the heat gun manually all oven the Munny. But to go this route would take a very long time and it would be difficult to judge whether or not I had thoroughly baked the entire piece.

What to do? Well, I\’ll post the result (no images of course) by the end of the day.