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So I told my brother Chris that I quit my job and he was psyched about it. But more cool than that was him sending me all these websites that had contests on them. The first one was the Kidrobot sponsored Munny World Custom Contest. And the deadline was in a week and a half. I\’ve been a fan of Kidrobot for a few years now and even purchased a Munny at the KRMIA Chumps release party where Frank Kozik signed my Munny \”Stop Whinning, Start Designing! Kozik \’08\”. But aside from drawing two really improvised sketches on a pair of Munnys purchased in Miami for my in-laws, I\’d never done a custom Munny. But I had been working on a sculpture in my spare time over the last year and both my brother and I thought that it would be cool to see it transformed into a Munny.

SO I went out and purchased a mini and started sculpting. I was still finishing my two weeks out on my old job so I had to work in the evenings. I think I spent 3 evenings working on it for a total of 12 hour, then I got a full day to work on it which put me up to about 24 hours. Then I had to bake it and then paint. The painting was trying as I was so rusty. I think I put 4 coats of paint on it that I hated. I was trying to go realistic with greys and greens and it just looked stupid. Eventually I figured out that my stylized reds and oranges just looked better. I really got nervous toward the end as the acrylic was started to build up and fill in some of the detail. In the end though I learned a lot and was pretty happy with the paint job. Painting has always been my weakest area and I knew that it could make or break the piece.

When I was finished I felt that at the very least I would get honorable mention. I could look at it and honestly say I was happy with the result but my perfectionist eye was saying, \”jeesh, you\’ve got a long way to go before your stuff is truly professional looking.\” I wrote my letter and submitted the piece. I had looked all around the web at other customs out there and really didn\’t think I\’d win. I mean mine\’s OK but I have seen some unreal customs.

But I won anyways. As a winner(1 of 5) I get a 20\” Mega Munny to Design and then have shown in a gallery Nov 12-15th in Soho New York. I also get 60% if it sells. And all the PR that this show will offer me. So here I am, just days from being officially unemployed, hoping to make it as a fine artist and I already have my big break. I had thought I\’d struggle for a few years before anything like this would happen. How lucky can one guy get? Now I understand that a show in NYC doesn\’t equal success, but it sure helps me.

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  1. dude, i don't know you. but i must say I, too, took part of the munnyworld event, and i didnt get it obviously but it was a great opportunity overall and was thankful for that. You really inspired me alot with your story and your work man! for your first munny this piece came out so dope!!! it has inspired me to go out and experiment more with materials. you're awesome! I will continue to follow you and ur growth! your dunny eater was awesome as well man! 🙂


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