The Next Chapter

For so many of us, the pandemic really upended life. For me, it made me question what I was doing and where I wanted to go. The questions I had were questions that had been nagging me for some time.

The original three Sock Rocks

If you knew of me before today, you knew that I was focusing my art on sculpture and in particular, art toys. I had spent the last few years developing a world based on characters called Sock Rocks. It’s a world I enjoyed but a world that clashed with my growing concern over the environment. My highest dreams for Sock Rocks would be that one day they’d be my Smurfs. But the reality of that dream filled my imagination with the horror of tons of plastic. How could I achieve my dreams without contributing to the endless amounts of plastic that’s harming our planet. I just don’t see a way.

At the same time I was creating custom toys, I had the opportunity to illustrate my uncle’s children’s book. Along the way I learned a lot and found an alternative dream to pursue. The dream of illustrating children’s books. No plastic. Only helping authors tell stories. Stories that enrich children’s lives and make me feel like I am actually contributing to the betterment of the world, and not it’s downfall.

The pandemic hit, I questioned my direction and when the opportunity to illustrate a second book presented itself, I jumped at the chance. So my website will be increasingly devoted toward illustration and fewer toys. There won’t be much new stuff to see in the beginning, but I’ll do my best to share as much as possible. I don’t know what exactly will come next. But I’m excited to enter the next chapter in life.