Limited Edition Hand Painted Sculpt

“Careful what you wish for” is now available in my store as a limited edition of 10 pieces for $225.
These will be made to order so expect a 3-5 week turnaround.

This is the story of a twelve year old boy. As many kids his age, he is misunderstood and there are just too many details of his life that make things easy for the trolls of sixth grade. Time and time again, his afternoons are filled with the taunts and endless jeering that make him question why life is so very unfair. He dreams of a larger, braver friend to protect him. In fact he wishes. But what if that wish came true? Would his friend help him? Would his friend simply provide him the courage to protect himself? Sometimes, all we need is a good friend to be the solid ground on which we stand.


Two and a half years later

Yup, two and a half years ago I posted a picture of this guy on twitter saying I was nearly complete.  I was wrong.  I did finish the sculpt and then it sat on my desk for another couple years before I managed to make time to make more casts of it and paint them up.  Time my have passed but I still love this little guy.  At 3 x 2.5 x 2, he\’s tiny and packed full of cuteness and NOW available in my online store for an accessible price of $35.  I\’m only making 30 of these little guys so get one now before they\’re gone.