Egyptian Madl and RFBT Spaceman Spiff

Finished these two pieces for commission back in March.  The first is a custom micro munny of my Ready For Bedtime Bunny inspired by Bill Watterson\’s Spaceman Spiff character.

The second is the forth (not fifth as I wrongly stated on instagram) installment
of my custom series of Ruined Madls.
The three prior pieces in the series

Careful What You Wish For

This is the story of a twelve year old boy. As many kids his age, he is misunderstood and there are just too many details of his life that make things easy for the trolls of sixth grade. Time and time again, his afternoons are filled with the taunts and endless jeering that make him question why life is so very unfair. He dreams of a larger, braver friend to protect him. In fact he wishes. But what if that wish came true? Would his friend help him? Would his friend simply provide him the courage to protect himself? Sometimes, all we need is a good friend to be the solid ground on which we stand.

*This is a private commission but as I mentioned on my instagram account, I have reserved the right to create a limited edition release of it as well as offer a garage kit.  More details to come soon.


He\’s ALIVE!!

Has it really been over 8 months since I posted anything about my work??  It has.  Believe it or not I have been at work albeit much more slowly than my norm, if that\’s even possible.

Here\’s the thing…
My girls are getting to an age where things have gotten more demanding.  But that time is also coming to an end.  Kind of.  My elder daughter heads off to kindergarten soon and my younger one will simultaneously be attending preschool for three days a week.  So I\’ll actually have more time on my hands than I\’ve had in over 5 years.  So, in light of me not being able to spend as much time with my older one I had made the decision to dedicate more of my work time to family time.  I feel like the art will always be there but my daughters will only be this age once so the priority was a no brainer.  Needless-to-say though I have been less than prolific in the arts this year. But on the plus side, we had lots of good family time.

But as I said, I have been working!  I have been working on one piece for the last 5 months.  And I\’m really happy with it as it marks a new direction for my work.  I decided years ago that I did not want to do custom designer toys anymore.  Not because I don\’t enjoy them but because I never had any time to do anything else and my portfolio was not reflecting the artist I feel I am. So, aside from some grandfathered pieces I still owe, and one final dunny series, I will no longer be doing custom toys.  Well, never say never right?  Someone could always make me an offer I could not refuse 🙂

Anyways, on to the work.