Viking Relic: Custom Coarse PAW

I finished this custom a few weeks ago and it\’s just arrived to it\’s home. As you can see I altered the right hand a bit.  I gave the PAW a wrist and brought the fingers into a grip around the sword handle. The first series of pics show the original piece before I showed the client.  He then asked me to add some moss for a bit of color.  I think he was right to ask, it did add something and it broke up the monotony.  What do you think?

Dead Kozik Busts First Month Recap

So it\’s been a crazy month of releases so I thought I\’d post a recap of all that\’s happened. 
The busts arrived last month and immediately an exclusive green colorway was released over at SubUrban Vinyl.  You can purchase one of those over here.


There\’s a contest going on over at Spankystokes

if you\’d like a chance to win a free green bust.

Then there was Frank Kozik\’s Exclusive Orange Colorway that you can get over here.

And then just yesterday we released the Charcoal Grey edition open to retailers. So if you want to get your hands on this colorway, based off the original sculpture, contact your local store and ask them to get it for you.


And then there\’s the Kickstarter Exclusive GID colorway that finally made it\’s way to my awesome backers.  It\’s not available for general consumption like the above three but maybe if your lucky you can convince somebody to sell one to you.