3D scans of Kozik Bust

I sent the prototype over to the factory and decided to have it scanned in and scaled up with a rapid prototyping.  I did this to compensate for what would have been a loss of 7% with the vinyl. Being new to this process I was ignorant to the loss.  All part of the learning curve I guess. I also decided to scale it up a little extra so it\’ll be 105% of the original.  The original bust had been developed using a female skull as reference.  It was the only thing I could get my hands on with the limited time before the tribute show. I had tried to bulk the skull up but it always appeared a little under-sized to be true to life. The scaling up will, I hope, make the bust more of a presence and match Frank\’s size a little better. And finally, when the prototype arrived at the factory the end of the cigarette had been broken during shipping and the factory fixed it. However when I received the first set of scans I noticed that the \”fix\” wasn\’t to my liking and I asked them if either they could provide me with the working 3D model so I could fix or if they could fix. They did the work for me and it looks just like it should now. That\’s actually one of the reasons it took as long as it did to get this far.

Anyways, long story short, I just got the scans last week and sent them the approval.

Here they are.  Personally I think it looks really awesome to see these rendered.  Can\’t wait to see them in the vinyl.

Urban Decay 4

It\’s June so it must be time for Urban Decay.  This will be my third year participating in the show and I\’m quite fond of it.  It\’s open to the public now but the official opening is June 8th.
For more information head on over to Urban Decay 4

Here are the two pieces I put together for the show.
For more pictures head on over to my flicker account

\”I love you so much it hurts\”

This is my next piece in my series of tree ents.  I\’ve once again revisited the birch tree theme and added a friend.  The birch tree character is different than the last with it\’s own unique details including a damaged leg from that of his friend the beaver.  The beaver is a new character developed to exist in my \”Ready for Bedtime\” world.  The original piece is available for purchase during the gallery show.

I have made molds of it and there will be

a limited edition of 10 available after the show.

When I began this piece I simply had the concept of a beaver chewing on a birch tree and the title \”I love you so much it hurts.\” What I did not realize until I was finished was the significance of the symbolism I was putting in place. As some of you might know I was born in New Hampshire. What you might not know is that New Hampshire\’s state tree is the White Birch. So let\’s just say the ent represents me 🙂 You might also know that the beaver is Canada\’s national animal. What you might not know is that my wife is Canadian. While not intentional, I discovered that this piece could easily represent my wife and I.  Am I pulling a Ben Affleck? I hope not.  I love my wife and our relationship is not a ton of work.  Though our daughters are =P

Something else I wanted to start shedding light on is the two worlds that I am slowly growing within my field of work.  One is the world of Ents and Golems and other monsters of nature. These monsters exists in the imagination of the second world of characters.  The second world is the one mentioned above, the \”Ready for Bedtime\” characters. They\’re cute little woodland animals that are in bed dressed in their pajamas ready for bedtime.  And before the go off to sleep, their parents read to them creepy monster stories.  In those stories are my ents and golems.

I did not start out with this concept, it just found it\’s way into my work.  But I like it and think it has potential to be a lot of fun.  I look forward to creating more creatures in my monster world and more kids in my ready for bedtime.  I hope you like them.

Well, that was a bit aside.

Dead Kozik Artifact

Here\’s the second piece I did for the show.

I had a cast sitting around of the Dead Kozik Bust and decided to create a one-of-a-kind variant.  I did my best to really weather this one up and make it look like an artifact.
If you don\’t want to wait for the release of the vinyl bust later in the year, here\’s your chance to get a unique bust that no one else will have.

Both pieces can be purchased at the Urban Decay 4 show.