Pre-order Limited Edition Dead Kozik 13″ Vinyl Bust

Hey Everyone.  I\’ve been hinting about this for a while now and I finally got around to setting up a campaign over at Kickstarter.

That\’s right.  I\’m going to try to make my first production toy.  You might remember that last October I created a bust in the fashion of Frank Kozik busts called, Dead Kozik.  Well, people seemed to like it and there was a call to make it into a proper production so here I am, asking for your help.

Please take a moment to view my kickstarter page here

and please spread the word.

Thank you

Chainsaw Panda

This is a little after-the-fact but I wanted to post this on my blog anyways so that it\’s here and there\’s a record of it.  The release went great and they sold out within a few days.  All but 4 sold within the first 2 hours I believe.  Thanks to everyone who purchased one and to all the kind words.  And thanks to Eric Pause for asking me to be a part of this project.  When he asked, how could I say no to the Chainsaw Panda. It\’s such a cool design and I think it\’ll be around for a while.

Here\’s the details of the piece.

Limited to only 30 pieces. Each 5.5\” tall Panda and its articulated chainsaws are sculpted, cast in solid resin, and hand assembled by Kevin Gosselin in the United States. They are then shipped to Canada where they are hand painted and packaged by Eric Pause. Securely set in laser-cut black sponge, and packed in a custom hand-made and decorated wooden crate. The crates come complete with a removable padlock and metal chain, laser-etched bamboo key chain, and individually signed and numbered printed cards. The Chainsaw Panda piece is made entirely in the USA and Canada.