Thanks everyone

Last update everyone, just wanted to say thank you to all who supported me and bought a golem or tree ent, and all those who wanted to but didn\’t have the extra $$

All of them sold and it\’s a good indicator that I can go ahead and create some more of these limited series, next time though they definitely gotta have more goodies with them, these two were a bit bare bones, with no deadline but a quality finish expect better stuff from me in the future, looking forward to keeping you all happy

thanks one last time

Post Show Sale

Thanks to all who purchased a tree ent or golem. My show at dragatomi with Troy and Jesse went very well and I managed to sell all the ents in the series of 6 plus it\’s original, and then also sold 3 of the golems plus the original. I really appreciate the interest and support in my work, you guys help me do what I love and I\’m eternally grateful.


that means I have some golems remaining. 5 to be exact. These casts are part of a limited resin series of 10 of a mini munny each signed and numbered. Show\’s over now and I just got my pieces back yesterday. I\’ll be reducing the price of everything. The golems were $175 plus shipping, I\’ll now be selling them for $125 plus shipping. If you want one, let me know by emailing me.

Other pieces from the show will be posted up in my big cartel site soon.

Ready for Bedtime Custom 7″ Munny for Urban Decay II

This piece is called \”Ready for Bedtime\”.  It\’s based loosely off a design I did nearly a couple years ago for a mimobot contest.  I liked the color scheme and the goofy smile so it\’s been back in my mind as a concept for a munny.  It\’s a regular sized munny so with the leg extensions and ears it stand around 14 inches tall. This is a one-of-a kind piece and it will be showing and available for purchase all month long in Urban Decay II.