Spartacus, Blood and Sand Shirt

So over the last couple days there\’s been a interest in a illustration I did a while back.  I had submitted this to a couple t-shirt sites but no one accepted the design.  I placed it on redbubble and didn\’t think too much of it afterwards.  But I guess the show has been gaining interest and in turn now my shirt.

If you\’d like to create a shirt head on over to my redbubble site and make one.

Thanks for the interest.

Auction for MW2 Variant AP

It\’s on everyone.  Starting now until Sunday evening I\’ll be taking bids through email for the the albino cannibal dunny AP I created for the most wanted series 2. It\’s the last AP up for grabs and the only Albino version out there. Only 6 Albinos if you include the ones found in the series.  If you want it just email me at and I\’ll keep you posted if someone out bids you.  I\’ll send out a final warning at 6 PM PST Sunday and will close the bidding at 7 PM PST.