8″ Custom Cannibal Dunny For Turcicus

So I finished this commission for Turcicus(a member of the KR forums) and mailed the piece to him today. He was cool enough to commission one of the three 8\” Cannibal Dunnys I\’ll be doing fashioned after my 3\” Dunny(pictured as reference in last photo) that will be available in the Most Wanted Series II coming out soon.

Two of the 8\” versions are spoken for but there\’s still one left.  Each will be slightly different. This one of course looks exactly like the series piece.  The second is custom by request and the third will be based on the variant.
That is, if someone commissions it.

As you can see there\’s a lot of detail in the 8\” that\’s just not possible in the 3\” version.

Behind-The-Scenes, WIP Pics

Here are some pictures and notes of a piece I recently finished.
First thing I do is add a screw to where I feel my heaviest build-up of clay will be.
It\’s not entirely necessary now that I\’m using Magic-Sculpt(MS) and considering I\’ll cover the entire piece but better safe than sorry.
Some quick sketches of where features will be placed.
Here I have already removed sections of vinyl that will conflict with the over-all form of my piece.  Using my heat-gun I warm up the vinyl and cut it with an x-acto blade.  I then bulk out my first brow in MS.
I refine the brow with lots of wrinkles. I\’m smoothing the MS with plain water.
I also add the cheek .  Due to the drying time of MS, I can no longer bulk out the entire piece like I did with Sculpey.  I now have to work piece by piece slowly building up little by little.
I add the second brow.
And the second cheek.
Now I block on the base of the nose. I also add a little more meat to
both cheeks and a little base of upper lip.
Here I block in the bottom lip.  I ended up adding some unnecessary detail that would eventually be covered up.  The MS was not sturdy enough to bridge the entire gap so I had to do it in two phases. I look at this guy right now and I see Jeff Bridges.  How about you?
The unnecessary detail. 
I add the lower eyelids and block in the upper lip.
I refine the upper lip.
At this point I decide it would be cool to wrap the entire piece in detail.  The original 3\” version only had a sculpted face.  The beauty of a larger piece is that I can add so much more detail.
Lots of wrinkles.  This guy has been out in the direct sun all day for his entire life.
His skin is like leather.  Red Michael Jackson leather.
Here I finish the lower lip by adding more and closing the mouth up.
Adding more detail to the side of the head.  Moles and all. 
I wanted the ears to look like they had some flexibility so I really wrinkled up the joints.
More texture and more moles.
Forehead just about done here.
I create the nose bone separately and then attach once it is completely set. I then complete the nose sculpt around the bone.
Here I bulk up the corners of the mouth. They were to thin and I wanted some more meat to him.
I also add the chin.
A better look at the corner of the mouth.
And a better look at the chin.
And here\’s the last photo I have.  Suddenly the piece is nearly done.  I guess I forgot to take more pics.
I had finished covering the rest of the vinyl head and body with the same skin texture.  Then you can see I have begun to add one of the two bandages.  After that it\’s on to paint.  Oh, you\’ll never see me do a paint step by step.  MAybe in years to come when I feel like I might have something to offer.  
More pics to come of the finished piece on Monday.  Or you could just head on over to

Coolvader Collaboration Teaser

I had the privilege of meeting Coolvader almost a year ago at the Munnyworld Toy Exhibition.  We talked about both attending Ringling School of Art & Design and of course the possibility of doing a collaboration.  He liked my sculpts and well I think you\’d be insane if you didn\’t think his painting abilities were out of this world.  We both like the idea of merging our skills for an awesome piece of art.  So in reality I convinced this guy to let me piggy-back off his exceptional talents.  I mean really.  So a few months ago we tossed the idea up on the KR forums and we got a commission.  Linh Pham, the gentleman who commissioned the Stomper, 5\” Labbit from me, had wanted to commission Coolvader as well.  He took this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

So, I looked over Coolvaders impressive collection of vinyl work and fashioned a design keeping in mind that I didn\’t want to make it too detailed a surface and and drive him mad.  I finished this sculpt a few weeks ago and it\’s now in his hands and hopefully it will be complete in the near future.  I enjoyed doing this so much that I suggested to him that we do a series.  He agreed.  So maybe next year your see a limited series from Coolvader and I.  Think anatomy.

Anyways, here\’s a teaser of the piece.

Bobble-Head Munny

I was asked a few months ago by a good runner friend to create a custom munny of another good runner friend to celebrate her completing her first 100 mile ultra marathon.  I was happy to take the job.  Soon after we discussed the concept, the friend commissioning the piece asked me if I could also make it a bobble-head, because the recipient loves bobble-heads.  OK.  Now, I guess in some sense, it makes the work slightly lower brow than the work already is, which is admittedly low brow, but I enjoyed doing this and it added an extra challenge that I\’ve yet had the chance to do.  The funny thing is that since completing this, I\’ve had a bunch of inquiries on doing more.  I guess bobble-heads are really popular.

So here it is.  Kathleen the Machine.