Cannibal Dunny for Most Wanted

By now, a lot of you by have seen this, but for those that don\’t have the inside track or happen to be on the Most Wanted Mailing list then here is the full reveal of my design.

This concept didn\’t take but a few minutes to think of. Since the inception of my Dunny Eater for Munny world, I\’ve tried to make all my custom pieces fall into the realm of this fantastic world. So when thinking how a 3\” Dunny would actually fit into that would, I thought naturally he would have to be a cannibal. And once I thought about making a shrunken head, well, it was set in stone.
Now, come release time I\’m gonna hate this design and the difficulties it\’s set forth for me, but hey, if you\’re gonna do something, put your all into it and make it your best.
And for those who might be interested, I announced a couple days ago on the KidRobot forums that I was going to be making a few 8\” Dunnys out of this design. Each one will have a slight different color variation and be a one of a kind. Well, since then two have been snagged up already and there\’s just one spot left. If you want that guy, contact me. There will be artists proofs but I guarantee you, for the price I\’m selling these 8\” Dunnys, you\’d rather go big.

Illustration Wednesday

OK, so here\’s another installment of illustration Wednesday. I\’ve been doing a bit more drawing lately. Really brushing up on my skills and playing around with some ideas. Here\’s my latest one.

If any of you have been watching the new series on starz called Spartacus and you\’re like me, then you probably have quickly become a fan. I love this show and a big part of that is due to the acting of John Hannah. The writers make him so likable even though he\’s quite the unlikable type. He\’s just terribly ambitious and will do anything to get what he wants.
What\’s funny is how he reacts when something doesn\’t go his way. I mean, he\’s apparently a believer in the gods, but he kills and cheats and when something bad happens he doesn\’t make any connection to it possibly being something like, um, Karma? well, I suppose that\’s a different faith. Anyways, he\’s used this line that is kinda offensive and it inspired me to draw him. Eventually, with a little discussion from my family, I decided it was a little too offensive for my final piece. 

Most Wanted Teaser Pic

So I\’ve been working hard on my design for the upcoming Most Wanted Series 2. It\’s been tough not showing everyone what I\’ve been up to because I\’m super happy with how this little guy turned out. It actually makes me think that doing 3\” dunnys might not be a bad idea. Maybe in the near future I\’ll do a small series of my own 3\”. hmmm

Well, Manny with the MW series posted a teaser pic up on the KR forums of my prototype piece.
It\’s a real crappy pic that does it no justice but here it is anyways. Maybe they\’ll do a full reveal of it sometime soon. I honestly have no idea.