Blank Franks Sold

I just sold my first two Blank Franks. The toy customizer Brixpix in Largo, FL contacted me and asked me how many of them I had as he wanted to buy a few. This got me thinking about something that had been a nagging thought since I posted the Blanks for sale. They\’re not perfect.

That\’s right. It\’s my first stab at my own platform and for the most part I really like this guy. I think he has a lot of potential and I hope to continue doing lots of work with him. The problem I have is that I haven\’t finished developing him yet. I have a prototype mold created which these Blank were created with. I made 3 casts of which my nephew got one, and then I had two left over. I can make as many as I want but what I really want to do is refine the piece more. Overall, the piece needs some generally smoothing of the larger shapes. I want true arcs and lines and I don\’t quite have that yet. There are also some imperfections in the cast, tiny bubbles that you get when you\’re not using a vacuum chamber.
At any rate, I was completely honest with the buyer, and I told him that although I didn\’t want to kill a sale, this was the reality of the pieces.
He bought them anyways. So he has the 2nd and 3rd casts of the official first run of Blank Frank. There was actually another mold before that but it went so horrible I will not be counting them. I am going to do my best to make sure I get around to refining this platform. I really think it has legs.
Thanks Brixpix!

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  1. I love these guys. I would make more if I had the mold! Great job! Will let you know when customs are done!


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