Ent Munny #2

Check out my latest Munny custom. It\’s a bit different from the last one. I decided I wanted a more childlike face than the tikki one I had done before. I also put more effort into the tree itself. I fashioned this after a real bonsai and I\’m pretty happy with the results. I cut out the belly and made a little world in there. Originally I had planned on making a squirrel to live in there but as this is a mini Munny the squirrel was so tiny I had a hard time with it. It also blocked the view of my cool shrooms which in the end was the deciding factor to leave the guy out. For the colors I also changed things up a bit. Once I finished my sculpt I began planning the colors of the piece. Unlike the awesome painter Bryan Collins, who says he typically thinks of a color scheme before he ever thinks of the concept itself, I generally avoid the color scheme all together and then struggle with it later on. This is something I\’ll eventually(hopefully) get over with time. Anyways, I was looking around to some of the artists I like for a little inspiration and saw on 64 colors site a piece that was all too similar this ent and I was a little disappointed because I really don\’t want to look like I copied anyone else. If I did colors similar to what I had done with my last ent, this would end up way too similar to one of their pieces. So I made sure to avoid using the same colors. For that reason I chose a green scheme. I think this makes it look more like vines than a tree, but what they heck, I like it anyways.

What do you think?

More to come

Just finished a piece yesterday. Want to show it off but I\’m going to wait until my wife and I get our new camera that should hopefully come in later today. Then I can take much better pictures of my work.

This piece was done over the last week while I took some time off for Christmas. I decided to revisit the Ent Munny theme that originally got me into this exciting new line of work. I\’ve been meaning to get back to this as I never really liked the original piece and felt I could do much better with it. I think I still want to explore it further in the future. For now here\’s a teaser pic until later today/tomorrow when I get my camera.

Stomper, the Dunny-Mounted Labbit

From the world of Dunny Eaters comes my second muscle bound beastie, Stomper, the Dunny-Mounted Labbit.

This piece was done for commission and was a lot of fun. It took a bit of work though. As with the Dunny Eater I wanted to apply anatomy to the smooth platform. Bring it to life, so-to-speak. But this guy wasn\’t set up to receive those kind of features. The labbit is just too fat. Without extensive slicing of vinyl this guy would have looked ridiculous. So, slice and dice I did. The ears were of course an intended manipulation of the original platform. I felt that they needed to angle back to create the angry look the client wanted. But the arms were the most work. I basically had to cut out the entire area of the arms to develop the massive anatomy.

When coming up with the concept for this guy I said to myself, \”what am I going to do for the accessory?\” If you\’ve seen the Dunny Eater you\’ll know that the accessory I made, the axe, was just as cool, if not cooler than the Munny himself so I knew I had to live up to having a good accessory. It didn\’t take but a minute to recognize the obvious solution. This Labbit needed a rider. So enter my native dunny rider with face paint. He was a lot of fun.

With this piece I also got to try out my skills with leather. I made the harness for him from leather strips and metal rivets. The rider, saddle he sits on and harness are all detachable.

For the painting of this guy I went a little different than in the past. I ended up painting individual strokes of hair over the entire body instead of just dry brushing the highlights. I thinks it adds a nice painterly touch instead of the more plain look.

Overall I\’m very happy with this piece and think it\’s another step up from my last piece.

Old Copper Frank Version 2

I actually finished this guy last week but just have been busy with a commission (which should hopefully be done by the end of the week). I\’m not completely satisfied with it due to it\’s imperfections but that\’s OK cause I really like the concept. I\’ll be continuing with this guy until I get it right. I made this guy using the last of my poor casts. So he was rough to begin with. I think for that reason I sped through the process just to get it done and realize the concept. I also used copper paint(Modern Masters) and patina glaze to create a more realistic finish and go figure, I like the fake spray paint and green acrylic aging I did before better. This just seems too aged. Thoughts?

The concept, which originated with a frankenstein-like/big dumb animal (B.D.A. is a term I\’m been using for many years since Chris Farley and David Spade made Tommy Boy) and wasn\’t in
tended to be steam punk. But then due to the bad casts I made and having to come up with a clever way to cover up, I found the first Old Copper Frank character. I like this and started thinking how to expand on that and it just seemed natural that Franks body be the furnace and his head be the boiler. Which really gets me to thinking how I can manipulate this concept and thus the intentions of continuing this character for a while. SO… I dremeled out the back and added hinged doors. When taking a picture of my progress I noticed the door handles resembled tiny wings which got me to thinking more about the character of this guy. He\’s a steam punk angel. But of course, he need
ed steam stacks and naturally I thought that it would be cool to make the stacks into horns which would make this a conflicted character, not always good, not always bad. I also decided that the shape of the head would be a difficult shape for a piece of metal to be made, so I added a plate at the brow area which is more for the logical construction of the boiler and less about creating eyes, but of course it now
appears that Frank has a mask.
So that\’s how Old Copper Frank version 2 came about. I\’ll be developing a story behind him with hopefully some illustrations. I think he needs a friend. A forest creature who finds him in a post-apocalyptic area. One who might be making a nest inside the cold furnace and then accidentally starts a fire which bring Frank back to life. It would be a mutual friendship, the critter keeps the furnace going and Frank provides man-power and security to our little friend. What do you think?

I like me some Oomoo

Tonight I was able to produce a good cast of my Blank Frank. When I had gone to pour my silicone(Smooth-ON Oomoo) mold a couple weeks ago I found the part A portion solidified and unusable. I purchased more but knew it wouldn\’t get to me in time to complete the piece for the Fall Gallery show. So I had to find a substitute that would get me through. I ended up finding something but it didn\’t act the same a silicone rubber. Time after time I keep getting bad casts with lost of surface bubbles. The bubbles were caused by my inexperience with using a mold release. I\’m sure if I kept at it I probably would have figured it out but that seems like a lot of needless work. A couple days ago I got my part A in the mail and I proceeded to recreate the flexible mold. And tonight I was finally able to open the mold and pull out a good cast. It\’s good to have something go right. I suppose I should be happy that it went the way it did because I might not have come to the conclusion of the Copper Frank. Course now I\’ll be able o make it much better now that I have a real smooth cast.


My friend Bobby in Toronto reminded me that I should be putting my artwork up for sale somewhere. Right now I actually only have one item that can be sold and it has been something I\’ve been meaning to do. My brother had shown me a site on Thanksgiving, BigCartel.com. I originally had planned to install Oscommerce on my site but this site seems to be much easier. For free I get to sell up to five items and it uses my paypal account. So I just set up an account and posted my first item for sale. I was hoping someone could go here and test it out, see if it works. Go on, … buy it, you know you want to 😉

Thanks Cool Canadian Border Guy

Yesterday I headed up to Vancouver to drop off the 3 pieces to The Fall Gallery. I had yet to cross the border with art so I didn\’t know what to do or expect. they made me go into the customs office and declare the three items. The guy I talked to was really nice. He asked all sorts of questions about the art and why it was priced so little. He suspected I was under-valuing the pieces in order to avoid taxation. I assured him that it wasn\’t the case and if I felt I could get more for the pieces I certainly would be charging more. He ended up being super cool and letting me pass through this time without paying any taxes. It would have actually been 20% of the remaining 70% I get if I even sell the pieces. So needless-to-say I was happy he didn\’t tax me. He actually visited my site and this blog to verify if I was for real. So,… if you happen to visit again and see this post, THANKS COOL CANADIAN BORDER GUY. You really helped me out. And if you get a chance to visit the Fall Gallery in Vancouver on 644 Seymour St you\’ll see that indeed I wasn\’t lying about my prices. I did, as I mentioned to you, adjust for the U/Canadian currency conversion but otherwise my prices are what I said they were.

So, it does lead me to rethink doing artwork for clients in Canada. It\’ll have to be on project to project bases. After all the work put in, the taxes, and then the transport of the art to the location, it really makes one think about staying local. I\’m gonna have to start talking to some Seattle galleries. Hey Chris, when you doing the toy show? hehe

Scared Stiff

OK, so this is a bit of a departure from toys. It\’s more like a fine art toy. I wanted to take the chance I had with the Vancouver show to practice anatomy and the female form. It\’s got a long ways to go but considering it\’s really my first effort at this, ever, I think I\’m happy for now.

It\’s just sculpey added with cernit to give it a touch more durability and then after it was baked I painted it with Modern Masters Bronze paint and glazed it with patina.
Well, gotta run, headed up to Vancouver to hand off the two Blank Franks and this piece. All three will be available for purchase at the Fall Gallery 2nd Annual Toy Show.

Old Copper Frank and Stone Frank

Well, here is the Frank piece done up in copper plating. I like the way this came out. Being it\’s my first one I think I can make a bunch of these and refine the process and the finish product some. Expect to see more of these guys. They\’re super fun and full of possibility. Below is the first one I did in a stone look, as mentioned in my last post. Both these guys will be available at the Fall Gallery 2nd annual toy show.